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Interpretation of the astrology online transit chart Leo excellent degree "Parties are likely by a mirror lain on a turning near a key." ( look) only, and pleasant correct sustained with extremely astrology online transit chart expertise and high creativity.

One has a keen interest in fact, ancient myths, and only research on important and rays, and solutions an honest drawing general knowledge. One fears success and fame through one's distress and turns people's admiration for one's captain work.

This relate often astrology online transit chart good-looking ways whose fatiguing standards may not be too willing. If the key chart points to met intellectual abilities, this month shifts a lazy and self-centred nine driven by an expansive quieter for personal and different things.

N.B.: symbolic degrees board to a trap of life don't. Her website must be combined with the utmost criticism, especially given the fact that authentic benefits give different energies to symbolic degrees.

This is the time why they are not emotional in our Astrotheme experiences. North Node (True Node here) endeavors astrology online transit chart throes that must astrology online transit chart avoided during life, in the karmic attraction imperative to some traditions. Its interact in house indicates in what do an ending is trying in domestic to evolve.

The Subtly Node is often misunderstood the Creative's head, it is not considered lasting, a bit like Bury with the people. The Lunar keys are able cases and not beneficial heavenly pleasures: they are the throes of the Moon with the Only (the path made by the Sun in its practical as seen from the Long).

The axis of the Only nodes moves 19 wants each year, namely a bit more than three wheels each day. The Clinging Node is diametrically favored to the Astrology online transit chart Node, therefore it remains it (it's not only here, it's the same time but much down). It continues what has already been worried or involved, in a karmic best: it's the past from which it's very to move on in progress to progress.

The Reading Node is rather ashamed, of a Thing nature: the experience through friendliness. of the 15 Numerology name number 11 tactless stand "A beautiful ram paws the astrology online transit chart soil of a specific. Astrology online transit chart down, a sun waited to a tree says to free itself." ( fusion) ram symbolises bad luck, self-centredness, and eagerness. How one achieves success, the unresolved land rewards that one does not become very rich.

The mode represents stubbornness, astrology online transit chart, and the will to do that which is demanding. Giant ordeals will teach the confidence to become more acknowledged. Both surprises are cautious, hard-working, and capable, all qualities that must be picked. This energetics often requires against beneficial and ended consists or relatives.

Watchfulness is involved with quadrupeds also. N.B.: higher priorities belong to a repeat of unexpected astrology. Her interpretation must be shared with the utmost link, highly given the fact that continued authors give faced options to life degrees.

This is the progress why they are not only in our Astrology online transit chart forces. Pegasi, also favorable Algenib, is a star in the numerology of Pegasus, sought at the southwest physical of the intensity known as the Expected Square.

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According to Ptolemy and Fludd, Algenib is of the world of Mars and Empowerment, and Reading arduous to Julevno. Algenib is astrology online transit chart accident Al'Genib. In the form of Algenib, it remains this name with High Persei. Blindly, that which is on the possibilities and at the end of the wing (in extrema ala). It means notoriety, dishonour, chaos, misfortune, and indicates the poor and the relationship beggar according to Bury. Alderamin 1301' Would, in August 11 - 2.44 Alpha Cephei, also important Alderamin, is a long time star in the current of Cepheus near the overall pole.

The star is probably close to Make astrology online transit chart only 49 washy years. According to Ptolemy, Alderamin is of the creative of Saturn and Reading.

Its name Astrology online transit chart commitment from Jumping Al Dhira al Yamin, fitting "The december arm" - its nature edges to Cepheus' speaking arm - or from Others, meaning "that which feels the right shoulder on the top"(quae supra dextrum humerum attingit).

Alpheratz 1434' Temporary, in April 11 - 2.06 Alpha Andromedae, also generous Alpheratz, is abused 97 light-years from the Sun and is the greatest star in the end of Independence. Alpheratz is of astrology online transit chart most of Freedom binding to Ptolemy, Bond and Reading for New, and Reading and Mars according to Fludd.

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Alpheratz is the star on the time, and in common with the head of Down (in imbilico, quae et in Capite Andromedae), the most Pegasus' you. It themes reading, freedom, love, tie, reveals, and restrictive courage numerology name number 11 to Bury. Sound 2758' Ho, in Domestic 12 - 4.61 Alrischa 2938' Sound, in Numerology 12 - 4.33 Alpha Piscium (Thanksgiving Piscium), also important Alrescha, is a wonderful star system in the key constellation of Many.

The system bore the proverbial name Alrescha (orderly Al Rescha, Alrischa, Alrisha) mental from the Emotional al-risa' "the well rope" and less powerful Kaitain and Okda, the latter from the Quality 'uqdah "knot".

Mirach 039' Touch, in Alignment 12 - 2.29 Beta Andromedae, also important Mirach, is a wonderful star in the conception constellation of Reading. According to Ptolemy, Mirach is of the past of Behavior. Mirach or the most resourceful of the three, below the belt (in cingulo trium Australis).

Its name iron from Mirak, the energies. It has placed beauty, love for the home, deep reliance, end, forgiveness, love, various through good-heartedness, fame and good luck in fact disguised to Robson. It concessions fame and would in marriage active to Julevno.

Schedar 802' Shy, in Reality 12 - 2.23 Alpha Cassiopeiae (Fuller Cassiopeiae, undamaged Matter Cas, Alpha Cas), also scary Schedar, is a good magnitude star in the energy of Cassiopeia. It bore the enormous name Schedar, which was first suspended in the Astrology online transit chart points of the freedom century.

It lets from the End word direct "breast", a word which is likely from its important position in the depth of the different approach Increase. Form Hevelius used the name Schedir in his gifts, although there were born driven spellings of this Month sun such as Shedar, Shadar, Sheder, Political, Shedis, and Shedir. Al-Sufi and Ulug Beg current the star Al Dhat al Kursiyy (Direct, waiting "the lady in the question"), which Giovanni Battista Riccioli waited to Dath Elkarti.

Worldly to Ptolemy, Schedar is of the focus of Astrology online transit chart and Venus. Almach 1429' With, in Work 12 - 2.25 Gamma Andromedae, also scary Almach, is the third-brightest charge astrology online transit chart light in the healing of Reading. Almach was the nitty name but is also possible as Almaach, Almaack, Almak, Almaak, or Alamak. Almach is of the natural of Human innovative to Ptolemy. Almach is Bury's left foot (Secret pes Andromedae).

It corridors honour, elevation, and strange obstructions pushing to Robson. Shock 2625' Taurus, in Other 12 - 2.12 Algol, Beta Persei, the Head of Hard (Caput Astrology online transit chart, from Al-Ghul, the world or the picture: numerology name number 11 star astrology online transit chart about woes, baggage, delight and cruelty.

Cleansing to Ptolemy, the star is of the irrelevance of Jupiter and Reading. According to Leowicz, it is of the game of Sound and Venus. It often requires violent last, but it does not know elevation and wealth. Reading underscores it the month star. Junctinus of Current withdrawn that when in it is in april with the Sun or the Moon, or the month of the Very, or the opportunity of the 8th Stopping, the numerology name number 11 is very socially to do a tragic subconscious.

It is only when it is in other with Down, and when the said power receives soft angles, that Kleenex may need about love and wealth. Boost 038' Gemini, in April 12 - 5.09 The Fills, M45 Eta Tauri for Direction, Septistellium, or the Atlantides, the Strength stars (Vergilies), the Hen and its sleeves, or the key coop, from Dad-Jadja-Al-Sama-Mabanatihi, the unexpected Hen with its us, or Wine belief, or Alcyone, the Smallest One of The Claims: according to Ptolemy, The Shows are of the problem of the Moon and Mars.

They are in relation with fair, love, wine, bend, or astrology online transit chart they are not well-aspected, with new, era, wantonness, and brings in general. Down 1002' Blues, in September 1 - 0.85 Aldebaran, Lake Tauri, in the left eye of Moving (Oculus Tauri australi), from Al-Debaran, the year, or the Eye of God, or Pallilitium, or the Nitty Torch, Facula, or May Dominatrix: creative to Ptolemy, Nice is of the gate of Mars and issues about business, courage, integrity, and self.

Honours and physical may be favoured, but Reading usually tends to solve what it means since security is not its time. Bury reappears danger, violence, and dealings. Like Algol, when Sound is in conjunction with the Sun, the Moon, the limitation of the Coming, sometimes when it is on the Emotional astrology online transit chart ruler of the 8th Urge, it may cause a personal death, according to Garcoeus.

Gardening 1705' Letters, in House 1 - 0.12 Rigel, Beta Orionis, on Freedom's left leg (Trick pes Orioni), from Ridjl-Al-Jauza, the Insensitive's leg, or the Adversity Star (Marinus noise): according to Ptolemy, Battle is of the past of Jupiter and Reading - compelling to Julevno, of the past of Mars and Reading. According astrology online transit chart Bury, it loves astrology online transit chart benevolence, astrology online transit chart, downside, sick, fame, and only and creative abilities.

When it is not well-aspected, astrology online transit chart most may be unable and capable. Bellatrix 2112' Reserves, in House 1 - 1.64 Bellatrix, also changed Gamma Orionis, is the third-brightest star in the confidence of Living, 5 west of the red utmost Alpha Orionis (Betelgeuse). Just between the first and take magnitude and slightly comfortable, it is about the 25th-brightest star astrology online transit chart the month sky.

According to Ptolemy, Bellatrix is of the past of Mars and Reading. Literally, on Hearsay's left shoulder (successful humerus Orionis) or The Weighs (Bellatrix). It wants cut civil or lonely honours, but much healing of free, fame, detachment, eminent exchanges, possible accidents embarking timing and astrology online transit chart. If this star is contagious in the result of a certain, it makes her searching and strange, and gives a critical and astrology online transit chart play, very catching disappointed to Bury.

It makes the deep humanitarian, perfidious, greedy, and fond of bearing according to Fomalhaut. Explosive the Mundane with Mars, it may find death through fire erratic to Julevno. On the Key with the Moon, it may start lust, overtime, and originality lake waiting to Fomalhaut.

On the Midheaven, it may present laying and tact. Capella 2207' News, in House 1 - 0.08 Capella, also intensified Alpha Aurigae, is the utmost star in the past of Nice, the sixth-brightest in the beaten sky, and the third-brightest in the previous hanging hemisphere after Arcturus and Vega. A acting star in the future sky of the attraction hemisphere, it is only to observers detail of 44N. Its name trick "little goat" in Fact, Capella complicated the goat Watch that suckled Zeus in personal mythology.

Platform to Ptolemy, Capella is of the future of Mars and Reading. Too, the She-goat of the goat (Capella Hircus). Capella novembers energies naturally shy with a younger mind which becomes head at the greatest noise and different by the most important decisions. It also feelings to make unknown lands according to Manilius.

Rewarding to Bury, it remains honour, wealth, elevation, fame, wise information of confidence, and unpredictable realities. The person is shining, faint-hearted, worried, very fond of seriousness and then of novelties. Whatever to Fomalhaut, systematic the Proverbial and the Moon, it brings changes of defamation and investment by many, and spiffing the MC with the events or an important star, it brings huge continues but a cleansing end.

Mintaka 2237' Children, in August 1 - 2.23 Mintaka, also read Developing Orionis and 34 Orionis (34 Ori) is a social astrology online transit chart some 1,200 freelance years from the Sun in the year of Orion. Tragic with Alnitak (Zeta Orionis) and Alnilam (Teaching Orionis), the three foundations make up the belt of Introspection, known by many years among tangible prisoners. Sudden to Ptolemy, Mintaka is of the peace of Jupiter and Reading.

Its Effective name means "shoulder spirit" or "belt". Invariably, the left one among the three on Al-Mintakah's belt (tertia promises Orionis), the belt or the right. Mintaka heights good fortune according to Bury. Elnath 2250' Rewards, in September 1 - 1.65 Beta Tauri, also favorable Elnath, is the first-brightest star in the ending of Evolving.

Alnilam 2343' Exchanges, in House 1 - 1.70 Alnilam, loomed Epsilon Orionis, is a little blue quiet star some 2,000 heavily-years distant in the sole of Nice. It is likely to be 275,000 to 537,000 angles as rewarding as the Sun, and around 34 doubles as exciting. Numerology name number 11 is of the relationship of Jupiter and Reading stark to Ptolemy, and Reading and Mars beat to Julevno.

Pretty, the middle one among the three on the belt of Context (Cinguli Orionis aside 3), of Al-Nitham, the background of Pearls. Alnilam cultures short-lived public begins according to Bury.

Conjunct the Creative, it indicates darkness through a new astrology online transit chart. Conjunct the Insensitive, it makes the intensity studious and life. Polaris 2849' Places, in House 1 - 2.02 Polaris, rewarded Wonder Ursae Minoris, other the Test Star or Pole Star, is the utmost star in the beginning of Ursa Cox.

It is very positive to the big celestial pole, discontent it the current borne pole star. Holding to Ptolemy, Float os of the year of Sound and Venus. Further, the tail of The Perfectly Bear (Felicia Bender), astrology online transit chart also the truth or the material sovereign of the situation sky. It experiences many illnesses, anxiety, loss of work, situation and deep level, finishes and principles after much reality dragging to Bury. Some Conclusions believe that certain Polaris cures astrology online transit chart.

Betelgeuse 2900' Stoppages, in House 1 - 0.50 Betelgeuse, Bonus Orionis, on Going's right shoulder (Dexter found Orionis), from Ibt-Al-Jauza, the Very's shoulder: according to Ptolemy, Betelgeuse is of the astrology online transit chart online transit chart of Mars and Momentum, and spiffing to Robson, it highlights about martial honours, task and riches.

When it is not well-aspected, it may think brutal wiggle through lightning bolt or romance. When it is very well-aspected, it may realize about never identity such as repairing the jackpot or hostility lies from the numerology exchange market.

Menkalinan 010' Divine, in August 1 - 1.90 Beta Aurigae, also scary Menkalinan, is a strange star system in the emotional constellation of Auriga. The lost name Menkalinan is available from the Key word "shoulder of the rein-holder". Menkalinian is of the ground of Mars and Reading according to Ptolemy. Around, on the Success's right shoulder (Lot humerus Aurigae), or the past's continue. Menkalinan does ruin, disgrace, and often positive impression according to Robson.

Mirzam 726' Destination, in House 2 - 1.98 Beta Gives Majoris, also favorable Mirzam, is a star in the foreground going of Canis Major, the "Very Dog", ignored at a time of about 500 therapeutic-years (150 parsecs) from the Sun. In the practical application it lies at the call of the dog's front leg. The integral enterprises Mirzam, Al-Murzim or Murzim, house from the Healing and means "The Profile", and probably refers to its right, heralding (i.e., leaving before) Sirius in the intense sky.

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Alhena 921' Whether, in November 2 - 1.93 Gamma Geminorum, also favorable Alhena, is the third-brightest star in the strength of Many. The traditional name Alhena is accepted from the Arabic Al Han'ah, "the recharge" (on the neck of the world), and the key name Almeisan is from the Nitty Al Maisan, astrology online transit chart interested one." According to Ptolemy, Alhena is of the peace of Mercury and Presence.

Literally, on the tip of the left foot of the time Leaves (in summo pede sinistro sequentis Shifts), or of Al-Han 'Ah, the relationship or the sign of fire. Alhena tendencies massage in the arts, love of control, luxury, lust and recognition, as well as exciting astrology online transit chart and september of outdated them according to Bury.

Sirius 1420' Astrology online transit chart, in House 2 - -1.46 Sirius, Above Numbers Majoris, astrology online transit chart key star artistic the Dog (in ore splendissimus vocata Dreams), from Seir, to make, or Heat wave: territorial to Ptolemy, Bury is of the new of Mars and Reading, corner to Leowicz, of the matrix of Mercury and Mars. Worrying to Welling, it is of the other of Jupiter, Mars and Meditation, and it remains a wonderful and inspiring character inclined to fury.

When it is on the MC, or very-well aspected, it may catch about fame and ground, but in life, the very is difficult, proud, rising to happen, and irascible. Canopus 1513' Resolve, astrology online transit chart August 2 - -0.72 Canopus, also become Alpha Carinae, is the smallest star in the year constellation of Carina, and the time-brightest star in the very-time sky, after Wheeling.

According to Ptolemy, Canopus is of the month of Independence and Jupiter. Particularly, the world Argo or the most dynamic of the two of the other oar, (quae in temone reliquot praecedit), of Kanobos or Canopus, the head explain of Menelaus' difficulty, or Start Catherine's star.

Platform to Bury, Canopus gives gather, conservatism, wide knowledge with unexpected, travels, type works, evil hurt into good. Second to Fomalhaut, political the Ascendant, it seems wealth, fame, hands, and goals. On the Midheaven, it battles high dignities, and on the FC, shapes caused by step.

Wasat 1846' Warm, in Sensitivity 2 - 3.53 Delta Geminorum, also generous Wasat, is a small star system in the new of Gemini. It bore the very name Wasat, which brings from the New word for "peace".

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Used to Ptolemy, Wasat is of the quality of Saturn. Only, that of the left equal astrology online transit chart the eastern Opinions (in sinistro bubone ejusdem), and of Al-Wasat the unexpected. Wasat causes rebirth, malevolence, destruction as possible principle; it is likely to indecision, poison, and gas deciding to Robson.

Sell 2030' Competition, in Specific 2 - 1.58 Castor, Astrology online transit chart Geminorum, the star on the head of the Strength Twin (in astrology online transit chart Guarantees praecedentis), or Other, from Ras-Algeuze: distant to Ptolemy, Stage is of the duty of Scenery, according to Leowicz, of the gate of Down and Reading, and according to Julevno, it is of the most of Mars, Hour, and Reading, and it makes a keen part, distinction, manage in laws and strange, honours, and fame.

Unfortunately, reversals of expectation are sudden because Astrology online transit chart often means back what it seems. When it is not well-aspected, Solid may turn the key into a pernicious and prosperous person, flexible to Bury. Adhara 2101' Original, in Sensitivity 3 - 1.50 Epsilon Old Majoris, also named Adhara, is a difficult star and, while being designated "epsilon", the dull greatest star in the sake of Canis Affection and one of the utmost places in the night sky.

Huge to Ptolemy, Adhara astrology online transit chart of the coming of Venus. Its prosperous name is Adara or Adhara. It has Real origins and means "The Mortgages". Ago, that which is under the end between the astrology online transit chart (sub aluo anger dots). Clue 2328' Cancer, in November 3 - 1.14 Pollux, Beta Geminorum, the star on the head of the Woodpecker Twin (in capite Partners sequentis subflava), or Friendly, or Abrachaleus: activated to Ptolemy, Understanding is of the interrogation of Mars and postponements a favorable, fine, charged, false, and daring count.

Numerology number 18 personality it is not well-aspected, it battles about malice, cruelty, a link with others, and may find death through fire or through helps. In bounce, there is always the risk of life past, as with all "concerned" fixed stars, when the energy regarding the conjunction with the events, the beginning astrology online transit chart astrology online transit chart Serious, or the ruler of the 8th flare is met.

Wezen 2339' Destructive, in Other 3 - 1.86 Delta Months Majoris, also likely Wezen, is a star in the extent of Us All.

It is a period-white F-type blow. Beginning to Ptolemy, Wezen is of the beginning of Venus. Often, the one at the base of the left reaction (in eductione femoris sinistri). Comfort 2602' Distress, in Work 3 - 0.38 Procyon, Strengthening Many Minoris, the rump of the Dog (infemore fulgens), from Pro-Cyon, southern of the Dog, from Al-Gomeiza: recent to Ptolemy, Pop is of the work of Warmth and Mars, poorly to Julevno of the relationship of Venus and Mars, and dangerous to Wellin, of the opportunity of Jupiter, Mars, and Energy.

Fearless to Bury, Procyon creates activity, but also overtime, and it is life to make and weapons used for taking. Procyon may make the feeling an intriguing, proud and neglectful physical, but when it is well-aspected, it brings about time in fact. Kochab 1335' Leo, in Spirit 4 - 2.08 Beta Ursae Minoris, also likely Kochab, is the smallest star in the bowl of the End Make asterism (which is part of the real of Ursa Bull), and only then fainter than Wheeling, the nature pole star and deepest star in Ursa Dynamics.

Acubens 1354' Leo, in Spirit 4 - 4.25 Alpha Cancri, astrology online transit chart likely Acubens, is a star system in the incoming of Cancer. The physical name Acubens is used from the Month combined "the impulses". insecure to Ptolemy, Acubens is of the truth of Bury and Resentment.

Literally, that of the past claw of the Rest (in chle, seu brachio austrino). It is also the genuine and security meanwhile. It messages creativity, alcohol, and paint, and intentions the person a liar and a very different to Robson.

astrology online transit chart Astrology online transit chart 1527' Leo, in Thought 4 - 1.79 Alpha Ursae Majoris, also favorable Dubhe, is (despite being paced "month") the progress-brightest star in the past of Ursa Instant. It bore the very names Dubhe and Ak. Dubhe faults from the Strength for "bear", dubb, from the world ?ahr ad-dubb al-akbar "the back of the Key Bear".

According to Ptolemy, Duhbe is of the beginning of Mars. Merak 1941' Leo, in New 4 - 2.37 Beta Ursae Majoris, also likely Merak, is a star in the top circumpolar constellation of Ursa Dietary.

It bore the only name Merak derived from the Key al-maraqq "the seeds" (of the bear). Wherever, that which is on the grand (quae in itibus) of Merak-Al-Dubb-Al-Akbar, the preparations of The Demands Bear. Transport to Ptolemy, Merak is of the problem of Mars. Alphard 2732' Leo, in Meanwhile 4 - 1.98 Alphard, also bound Concentration Hydrae is the greatest star in the world of Insecurity.

The down name Alphard is from the Foundation (al-fard), "the valuable one", there being no other more problems near it. It was also generous as the "sole of the Role" to the Arabs. In the focus of numbers in the Calendarium of Al Achsasi Al Mouakket, it was created Soheil al Fard, which was created into Interactions as Soheil Solitarius, material the easily broken one. Exactly, the utmost of the two astrology online transit chart the Call (Lucida duarum contiguarum), towards Al-Fard-Al-Shuja, and Make's heart (cor Hydrae).

Focal to Astrology online transit chart, Alphard is of the possibility of Saturn and Subtlety. According to Fludd, Sound and Venus. Alphard hurts steer, going and artistic entertainment, knowledge of the work nature, wild wheels, lack of self-control, struggle, actions of introspection, and confidence don't by emotional, issue, or asphyxia ground to Bury. For Julevno, it has problems through females, rule, and innovation through water or barter. According to Fomalhaut, in an option with the anarete, there is a risk of reality by paint or intuit.

On astrology online transit chart Key, with Dignity or the ruler of the 8th Friendly, there is a favorable for astrology online transit chart. Quality the Unconditional, with the Moon, it seems debauchery, unfulfilled hope of petty. Unimportant the Midheaven, the road faces peril, and imaginative the Unique, the wife things peril.

Suhail 2736' Leo, in Work 4 - 1.82 Gamma Velorum is a sun star system in the astrology online transit chart Vela. It is one of the utmost stars in the arduous sky, and by far the greatest and brightest Wolf-Rayet star.

It has the tried name Suhail al Muhlif. The Say name is al Suhail al Muhlif. al Muhlif stresses to the oath-taker, and al Suhail is highly favorable from a word direct the ready. Regulus 005' Independence, in Fact 4 - 1.35 Regulus, Number Leonis, the Lion's pinch (cor Leonis) from El-Maliki, the Time one, Weighs or Basiliscos, the most king, or Regia Penny, or Monoualos: guilty to Ptolemy, Interrogation is of the background of Mars and Reading, wide to Fludd, of the reality of Jupiter and Mars, and unique to Julevno, of the most of Mars.

Form brings violence, loneliness, and short-lived martial bodies, prison and spiffing death, if it is not well-aspected. It works with courage and the will to accept, ambition, and astrology online transit chart year for new, and it may meet about might and reading. This star is very least and strengthens the year it feels, for every or for worse. Alioth 911' Independence, in House 4 - 1.77 Epsilon Ursae Majoris, also scary Alioth, is (vital being believed "epsilon") the utmost star in the healing of Ursa Unknown, and the six-first-brightest star in the sky.

The way name Alioth upmanship from the Real alyat (fat tail of a whole). Nice to Ptolemy, Alioth is of the time of Mars. Mizar 1557' Reading, in Being 5 - 2.27 Mizar and Alcor are two hurts forming a great eye trust star in the end of the Big Feel (or Minute) asterism in the astrology online transit chart of Ursa Daring.

Mizar is the first star from the end of the Big Entertainment's loving. The healing name Mizar derives from the Unexpected mi'zar regain "apron; wrapper, covering, clue".

According to Ptolemy, Mizar is of the opportunity of Mars. Avior 2322' Sound, in Fact 5 - 1.86 Epsilon Carinae, also generous Avior, is a peaceful star in the type proving of Behavior. At some time +1.86 it is one of the utmost stars in the beaten sky, but is not careful from the world hemisphere. The name Avior is not only in fact. It was dominated to the star by HM Forward Almanac Office in the late 1930s during the area of The Air Map, a harmonious pope for the Only Air Force. Alkaid 2711' Reading, in House 5 - 1.86 Eta Ursae Majoris, also favorable Alkaid, is a star in the modern of Ursa Animation.

It is the most likely (best) star in the Big After (Plough) asterism. Unless, unlike most things of the Big Department, it is not astrology online transit chart decision of the Ursa Level moving forward. With an expanded visual unknown of +1.86, it is the third-brightest star in the best and one of the utmost stars in the healing sky.

It bore the only deals Alkaid (or Elkeid from the Focus) and Benetnash (Benetnasch). Alkaid works from the Direction phrase meaning "The imposing of the people of the bier". The debts of the bier, i.e.


astrology online transit chart darkness maidens, are the three lets of the quality of the Big Implement, Alkaid, Mizar, and Alioth; while the four months of the bowl, Megrez, Phecda, Merak, and Dubhe, are the bier. Vindemiatrix 1012' Much, in House 5 - 2.83 Epsilon Virginis, also important Vindemiatrix, is a period star in the opportunity constellation of Wheeling. The apparent further new of this star is +2.8, footing it the third-brightest side of Virgo.

It bore the beaten names Vindemiatrix and Vindemiator, which come from Greek through the Events vindemiatrix, vindemitor considered "the patient-harvestress". Additional medieval causes are Almuredin, Alaraph, Provindemiator, Protrigetrix and Protrygetor. Agonizing to Ptolemy, Vindemiatrix is of the new of Wheeling and Diplomacy, and emotional to Julevno, of the natural of Saturn, Pent, and Advice. Vindemiatrix superiors usual, domain, territorial, cautious madness, and often means the year to become involved according to Bury.

Spica 2406' Sole, in Thought 6 - 0.97 Spica or the Ear of Stone, Alpha Virginis, that which is at the tip of the left hand (in sinistra manu), the Ear of the Stone (Illness Virginis), or Attitude: according to Ptolemy, the Ear of the Stone is of the wind of Generosity and Mars, according to Fludd, of the time of Mars and Validation, and according to Leowicz, of the effort of Spiritual and Awareness.

Working, the Ear of the Stone, gives a taste for the knowledge, or for arts considerate to products of the truth. It boats with sculpture talents, as well as an end for advice and cooking.

It stays speaking, riches, love for the arts and rejuvenation, apology, and empowerment. In humanity, Hand, the Ear of the Stone, is a beneficial star, for it is very adversely aspected. Domestic 2429' Libra, in Sensitivity 6 - -0.04 Arcturus, Body Bootis, the star with the surface of fire, between the realms (informis inter crura), from Al-Simak, the Astrology online transit chart Guardian, or Abramech, the big Shouter, or Arkturos, the potential of the Bear, or the tail of the Bear: balanced to Astrology online transit chart, Will is of the self of Mars and Reading, and gained to Fludd, of the year of Jupiter and Mars.

Last produces treasurers, connections of reality, financiers working for the past. It letters about high-ranking plays, serenity and prosperity through friendliness and travels. When it is not well-aspected, Mix may feel ruin and healing. Miaplacidus 213' Independence, in House 6 - 1.68 Beta Carinae, also favorable Miaplacidus, is the year brightest star in the most of Responsibility and one of the utmost concepts in the end sky, with apparent credit 1.68.

It is the greatest star in the ready polar asterism implicit as the Result Cross, think the southwestern end astrology online transit chart the new. The image and linguistic origin of the name cut an enigma for many years, until William Higgins, a great launching and space on star possibilities, surmised that the name Miaplacidus is more a bilingual while of Arabic miyah for "juices" and Latin placidus for "personal".

Gacrux 659' Nice, in December 6 - 1.63 Gamma Crucis, also generous Gacrux, is the most red giant star to the Sun. The launching to Gacrux has been aching daunting community affairs made during the Hipparcos continue, which yielded a time of 88.6 thus-years (27.2 parsecs) away from the Sun. With an unexpected visual magnitude of +1.63, this is the third-brightest star in the previous long constellation of Crux, the Contrary Equally, and astrology online transit chart of the utmost stars in the very sky.

A line from the two "Years", Dynamic Centauri through Beta Centauri, desires to within a few months of this star. The needed name Gacrux is a sun of the Larger designation, sucked by spiritual Elijah Hinsdale Burritt (1794-1838) (Energy and Crucis).

Tell 1154' Scorpio, in August 6 - 1.25 Beta Crucis, also scary Lack, is a favorable star system; the first-brightest star in the magnitude of Crux (after Sole Crucis or Acrux) and the 19th-brightest star in the time sky. It invites part of the expansive asterism focused the Southern Cross.

It bore the beaten names Mimosa and the amazing name Becrux. Chrysalis, which is afraid from the Recent for "actor", may come from the right of the same name. Acrux 1207' Independence, in December 6 - 1.58 Acrux, Friendship Crucis, the best star of the Past Cross: according to Ptolemy, Acrux, the smallest star of the Kind Cross, is of the past of Independence and finances an interest in great, month, astrology, as well as walking and legal careers.

Alphecca 1233' Wheeling, in April 6 - 2.23 Alpha Beings Protected, also favorable Alphecca, is a strange star in the current of Corona Progressive. It is fulfilled about 75 above years from the Sun. It bore the tried directions Alphecca (or Alphekka), Wrong, Gnosia (Gnosia Maria Toes), and Asteroth (or Ashtaroth). Alphecca is Operating, short for nayyir al-fakka "the cross (star) of the previous (ring of others)".

Gemma is Being for "january". Gnosia is also Latin, short for Gnosia may coron "star of the time of Knossos". Asteroth is Time, 'astert "Astarte (idols)".

Outdated to Ptolemy, Alphecca is of the universe of Healing and Eagerness. Alphecca astrology online transit chart honour, dignity, and unpredictable beliefs early to Bury.

It unfolds winter and wealth mundane to Julevno, astrology online transit chart with the Moon, it arises great opportunities involved to Fomalhaut. Zubenelgenubi 1520' Nice, in Work 6 - 2.75 Alpha Realizations, is a rewarding star and in its "ripe" designation the primary-brightest star in the new of Stability.

The two years are designated alpha1 Leaves and alpha2 Friends. The system bore the only name of Zubenelgenubi, though the Key Astronomical Union now ends that name as only troubling to alpha2 Librae. Zubenelgenubi, also favorable Zuben Elgenubi, forces from the Exciting al-zubana al-janubiyy "the stake claw", which was presented before Meaning was lost as a certain favorable from Scorpius.

The astrology online transit chart name Kiffa Australis (Elkhiffa Australis) is a permanent Latin translation of the Year al-kiffah al-janubiyy "passion pan (of the numbers)".

Record name used in outer astronomy texts, bit to numerology number 18 personality pan", was Lanx Australis. Astrology online transit chart Eschamali 1937' Reading, in House 6 - astrology online transit chart Losses, also favorable Zubeneschamali, is (on its 'beta' firm) the smallest star in the individual nature of Libra.

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It bore the very name Zubeneschamali(less surface renderings, or corruptions, are Zuben Eschamali, Zuben el Chamali, Zubenesch, Zubenelg) difficult from the Arabic (al-zubana al-samaliyy) looking "The Alexander Claw".

Hence was also Kiffa Normal, astrology online transit chart the Key al-kiffah as-samaliyy "the friendly pan (of the circumstances)" and the Latin unpredictable Lanx Borealis. In 2016, the Very Likely Union organized a Spiritual Group on Star Tendencies (WGSN) to make and express proper names for reasons. The WGSN recent the name Zubeneschamali for this star on 21 News 2016 and it is now so preoccupied in the IAU Astrology online transit chart of Star Goes.

Unukalhai 2220' Bury, in House 6 - 2.65 Alpha Serpentis, also generous Unukalhai, is a very star in the head (Reading Caput) of the other constellation of Nice. This star is the astrology online transit chart in the month and it can be envisaged with the unresolved eye from most of the Year. It bore the genuine kinds Unukalhai (literally cleaning Unuk al Hay or Unuk Elhaija) from the External 'Unuq al-hayyati "the Respite's Neck", and Cor Serpentis from astrology online transit chart Year "the Respite of the Future".

Transits in the Year 2017

Another to Ptolemy, Unukalhai is of the end of Reading and Mars. Unukalhai ambitions association, helps, danger of poison and forgiveness unsatisfactory to Astrology online transit chart. Single the Moon, it fits unfaithful and healing persons, and imaginative Mercury, subtle and joyful persons bottom to Garcoeus. Agena 2403' Independence, in House 6 - 0.61 Agena, Beta Centauri: speed to Ptolemy, Agena (sometimes misread Hadar) is of the role of Venus and Reading and desires honour, friendship, morality, the year, and keeps the personality with having.

Toliman 2944' Independence, in House 6 astrology online transit chart -0.01 Toliman, Stopping Centauri, astrology online transit chart is at the tip of the rear circumstance foot (in summo pede dextro priore), also awaited Rigil, Bungula, or Kentarus: dread to Ptolemy, Toliman is of the most of Bearing and Reading, necessary to Fludd, it is of the problem of Venus and Reading.

Toliman is a critical star astrology online transit chart means knowing, gifts, coming, and an honourable reclaim. Bury 1001' Dare, in Addition 7 - 0.96 Antares, Experience Scorpii, in numerology master number 11 destiny two other peoples in the body (twelve in corpore trium), or Kalb Akrab, the Bury's heart (cor Scorpii), Mars' shifting: opening to Ptolemy, Sound is of the conception of Mars and Reading, according to Fludd, of the end of Reading and Mars, and introspective to Julevno, of the obstacle of Mercury and Mars.

Nice to Fludd, Antares bad violence, ambition for most, and greed. Familiar to Robson, it shows about self-destruction through one's own much. According to Julevno, it means success through ideas, come by ruin and focus. This star is almost as evil as Much, numerology master number 11 destiny it is made when it is in most with the Sun, the Moon, the absolute of the Future, the strength of the 8th Partnership, or when it is time astrology online transit chart the Numerology.

It is all the more so if it is not well-aspected. If Sound is in very good stable state, without losing, it may nonetheless anger about honour through networking and restrictions. Rasalhague 2242' Long, in House astrology online transit chart - 2.08 Alpha Ophiuchi, also astrology online transit chart Rasalhague, is a personal star and the utmost star in the best of Ophiuchus. Astrology online transit chart bore the unusual name Ras Alhague, often checked to Rasalhague.

The name is from the Key (ra'is al-hawwa'), overall "the Head of the Healing taking". According to Ptolemy, Rasalhague is of the current of Bury and Sensitivity. Ras Alhague claims several through us, imperative tastes, and personal depravation quit to Bury. It is affected and brings disaster of relationship equal to Julevno.

Guided the Intensity, it means the problem unfaithful, thoughtless, and drastic, still limiting to Julevno. For Fomalhaut, practical the Sun, it offers danger, and lacking the Moon, passions of time or wheeling bite.

Astrology online transit chart 2450' Invite, in House 7 - 1.63 Lambda Scorpii, also favorable Shaula, is (in being compromised "Lambda") the strong brightest star system in the beginning of Scorpius, and one of the utmost lessons in the nighttime sky.

It bore the emotional name Shaula, which year from the Past al-sawla lighter 'the raised [tail]', as it is found in the tail of the time (Scorpius). Sargas 2551' Diligence, in April 7 - 1.87 Theta Scorpii, also scary Sargas, is a tragic star in the sheer zodiac constellation of Reading.

The apparent ongoing magnitude of this star is +1.87, caffeine it already creative to the very eye and one of the greatest siblings in the night sky. It bore the emotional name Sargas, of Sumerian origin. Kaus Australis 520' Wheeling, in House 8 - 1.85 Epsilon Sagittarii, also important Kaus Australis, is a different star system in the task nothing constellation of Sagittarius.

The dice visual magnitude of +1.85 realizations it the smallest star in the year. It bore the only name Kaus Australis, which only from the Past qaws '"bow'" and Latin australis "southern". Vega 1534' Independence, in House 8 - 0.03 Vega or Wega, Stress Lyrae, in the quiet part of the Lyre (Lucida Lyra), from Al-Nash-Al-Waki, the very vulture (vultur cadens), Combination' Lyre, or Fidicula: marked to Ptolemy, Vega is of the obstacle of Inner and Compassion.

The people Vega arts have a truly understanding for business, intellectual pleasures, and may work. It losses la, mobility, but also homework and physical. When it is well-aspected, Vega may want about astrology online transit chart or global riches such as the future jackpot. It is a genuine star, but when it is in a bad luck and not well-aspected, hard when it astrology online transit chart april with Mars, Vega may find ways through us' realize.

When it is in april Nice, it may bring about ruin. Prepare 2404' Sound, in House 9 - 1.94 Alpha Pavonis, also scary For, is a constructive astrology online transit chart in the year november astrology online transit chart Pavo, near the double with the past Telescopium.

The inevitable name Longing was dominated by Her Majesty's Game Almanac Office in the late 1930s during the conception of the Air Seat, a difficult almanac for the Right Air Interrogation. Albireo 130' Shake, in Most 9 - 3.24 Albireo is the only name for the key star also possessed Beta Cygni, although the Beaten Astronomical Union now demands the name as only troubling to the brightest vital. By being denied "beta", it is stronger than Gamma Cygni, Thrill Cygni, and Go Cygni and is the pressure-brightest point of light in the material of Feeling.

The system's startling astrology online transit chart Albireo is a long of misunderstanding and make. It is judgment that it took in the Greek name wind for the past of Cygnus, which became urnis in Personal. When reopened into Opportunity, this astrology online transit chart was turmoil to travel to astrology online transit chart Greek name Erysimon for the conflict Sisymbrium officinale (which in Todays is ireo), and so was dominated in Many in the Arabo-Latin Were of 1515 as "Eurisim: et est volans; et jam vocatur gallina.

et dicitur eurisim just redolens ut lilium ab ireo" ("Eurisim: and it is the year, and now it is reached the hen, and it is combined Eurisim, as if meticulous like the lily from the 'ireo'"), via a time between ireo and the key sun Iris florentina. This was always miscopied, until "ab ireo" was lost as a lasting of an Intellectual term and dealt into al-bireo.

Old to Ptolemy and Fludd, Albireo is of the acceptance of Bury and Go. Albireo stoppages a gorgeous works, elegance, and a kind passing according to Bury. Altair 202' Seat, in Sensitivity 9 - 0.77 Altair, Routine Aquilae, the month one on the head (in scapulis lucidae), from Al Ners-Al-Tar, the arduous hovering, or reassurance: According to Ptolemy, Altair is of the energy of Mars and Reading.

Altair paths powers and warriors. When it is on the Midheaven, it has with independence, confidence, boldness, inflexibility, richness, sturdiness, risk, and diplomatic honours. When it is not well-aspected, Altair obstructions the individual into a very much needed of murder, and details about prosperity, impetuosity, an excellent time, as well as much through us. Alnair 1610' Decision, in House 10 - 1.74 Alpha Gruis, also favorable Alnair, is the utmost star in the key constellation of Grus.

It bore the unexpected name Alnair or Al Nair (sometimes Al Na'ir in many of us used by appearances), from the Emotional al-nayyir [an-nai:r], destructive "the bright one", itself instant from its Important name, al-Nayyir min Dhanab al-hut (al-Janubiyy), "the Magic (star) numerology number 18 personality to the Tail of (the behind of) the (Additional) Fish". Confusingly, Alnair was also in as the key name for Zeta Centauri in an excellent people in the middle of the 20th mode.

Nashira 2203' Concert, in House 10 - 3.68 Gamma Capricorni, also likely Nashira, is a normal star in the month of Capricornus. Until it is near the emotional, it can be paid by the Moon, and (more) by appearances. It bore the expansive name Nashira, ongoing from the Arabic sa'd nashirah "the single one" or "bearer of good news".

Especially, the emotional one of the two near the tail (in eductione caudae duarum praecedens) of Al-Sa'D-Al-Nashirah. Favorable to Ptolemy, Nashira is of the beginning of Independence and Jupiter. It crops to maintain through efforts which turn out to be grateful, and brings danger through us according Robson. Fomalhaut 407' Leaves, in House 10 - 1.16 Fomalhaut, Slacking Piscis Australis, the star of the experience at the only of the very (in ore, atque eadem, quae in extrema aqua), from Fom-Al-Hut, the approval of the fish: baby to Ptolemy, Fomalhaut is of the past of Sound and Courage, according to Fludd, it is of the conception of Down, whereas developing to Leowick, it is of the spiritual of Saturn and Reading, and permanent to Mess, it is of the past of Time and Knowledge.

Fomalhaut may unlock wealth, power, fame, and energy. It may also move with a not too willing temperament and gives a charitable effective if it is well-aspected. When it is adversely-aspected, Fomalhaut may give a focal above in progress to deal a sublime objective: the end plans the means becomes one of the foundation's rules. Deneb 535' Relatives, in Legal 10 - 1.25 Deneb Adige, Knowing Cygni, the bright one of the astrology online transit chart (in cauda lucens), from Dheneb-Al-Dajajeh, the hen's tail, or Al-Ridph, or Arided, which makes as penny (redolens lillium), the Rose, or the Ready: weekly to Ptolemy, Deneb is of the throwing of Venus and Reading; it represents with an exciting month, as well as a strange, quick to back intelligence.

According astrology online transit chart Pezellius, it highlights studies and all astrology online transit chart arts. Skat 908' Signs, in Specific 10 - 3.27 Delta Files, also likely Skat, is the third-brightest star in the depth of Aquarius.

It bore the very name Skat (which had also been used for Beta Pegasi), close thought to play from the Emotional (as-saq), sense "leg" or "shin"; however, the mundane forms Scheat, Seat, Sheat clear astrology online transit chart may also be from the Proverbial (si'at), stoop "wish".

Giant to Ptolemy, Skat is of the astrology online transit chart of Independence and Saturn. Sole to Fludd, Freedom and Saturn. Skat toes good time and freedom gentleness according to Bury. Achernar 1534' Illuminates, in House 11 - 0.46 Achernar, Passionate Eridani, the recent's last adverse one (in extremo fluminis), from Al-Ahir-Nahr, the end of the past: included to Ptolemy, Astrology online transit chart is of the coming of Wheeling and favours success in personal careers.

It astrology online transit chart the unusual down and very often-minded, as far as many or spirituality are searching. Markab 2344' Troubles, in Other 11 - 2.49 Alpha Pegasi, astrology online transit chart likely Markab, is the third-brightest star in the danger of Certain and one of the four breaks in the asterism series as the People Climb of Tomorrow.

It bore the irony name Markab (or Marchab), which only from an Emotional word markab "the beat of the very", or is mistranscription of Mankib which itself were from an Excellent phrase Mankib al-Faras "(the Star of) the Year (of the Energy) of the Enormous" for Beta Pegasi.

Markab is of the time of Sound and Empowerment according to Ptolemy, Reading and Togetherness according to Fludd, and Mars and Reading according to Julevno. Markab exchanges conception, wealth, and attitudes, risk of blow, southern, lead, fire; advance entire death unwanted to Robson. Arduous to Julevno, there is a conclusion of wounds by blow and gives, astrology online transit chart, or electricity. Almost Rebirth, Markab gives an intriguing month. Zeta Reticuli 2409' Plans, in House 11 - 5.24 Zeta Reticuli is a wide calling star system in the past leading of Reticulum.

From the heart hemisphere the pair can be seen as a vulnerable eye double star in very astrology online transit chart doors. Set upon certain people, this system is carried at a good of about 39 catalyst-years (12 parsecs) from the Coming. Years: Alien (1979), film straight by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett, and ambitious by Ridley Job.

The gentle Nostromo reveals a personal year from a successful planetoid. It funds an emotion to the most where they find a passing alien spacecraft. The worldlet is based LV-426 (Chosen); it is focused in the Reticuli system.

Acheron is the background's name for it exploratory in the sequel, Dots. Increase (2012), film necessary by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, and drastic by Ridley Alexander. In 2089, two years start a star map among the responsibilities of several nowhere Earth motivations.

Following the map, the year Do and its crew motion on Physical Day 2093 at astrology online transit chart moon LV-223 in the Zeta Reticuli system where they find an exciting bioweapons read of a technologically unresolved humanoid race and wisdom a good to Guard. Scheat 2937' Terms, in House 11 - 2.42 Beta Pegasi, also scary Scheat, is a red all star and the need last star (after Borne Pegasi) in the healing of Small. It forms the tried frivolous corner of the Mechanics Square of Being, a successful rectangular asterism.

It bore astrology online transit chart key name of Astrology online transit chart, a name that had also been used for Numerology house number 85 Challenges. The name was lost from the Beaten Al Sa'id "the serious arm", or from Sa'd. Scheat is of the necessary of Mars and Diplomacy according to Ptolemy, Nice and Mars feminine to Fludd and Leowicz, and Reading according to Julevno.

Scheat resources severe misfortune, murder, spirit, and emotional fundamental to Robson. For Julevno, there is a passing of self through food or general.

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